Occupied Rehabilitation

MDG is considered the foremost rehabilitator of occupied housing and is known to be one of the most creative builders in New York City. Renovation of occupied housing requires extensive job coordinating and scheduling, yet using its time-tested, tenant-friendly methodology, MDG completes most projects ahead of schedule. An occupied rehabilitation usually includes new bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes, the entire apartment is rehabbed including walls, floors, and ceilings.

Gut Rehabilitation

MDG specializes in both moderate and gut rehabilitations and has become an acknowledged leader in the restoration and renovation of distressed buildings. MDG and its affiliated companies have been involved in the renovation of over 700 different properties comprised of more than 12,500 units of housing totaling over $600,000,000. 

New Construction

Experience has taught us that it is only by listening to the voices and concerns of all parties impacted by a project, owners, tenants, and the wider community, can it be considered successful. Whether MDG is taking on a new construction or rehabilitation project, MDG's goal is to build homes people are proud to live in.