MDG is committed to conducting business with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.  MDG is also dedicated to ensuring that those who do business with MDG, including subcontractors and vendors also operate with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.  To this end, MDG has instituted a Labor Standards Compliance Program to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local wage laws and regulations on MDG non-prevailing wage project sites, as well as another compliance program specifically for prevailing wage projects.  MDG aims to ensure that all subcontractors and their employees who perform work on MDG projects are fully aware of their rights and obligations under applicable prevailing wage laws; to promote and ensure compliance with those laws on MDG jobs; and to detect and promptly address violations if they occur.  In order to do this, MDG takes initiative pre-construction, in the offices and on the sites.   MDG is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and responsibility.

Construction Hotline

In an effort to maintain the highest level of integrity on MDG projects, a Construction Hotline has been established.  All workers on MDG project sites are encouraged to call the Hotline to report suspicions of fraud, abuse, or wage violations.  All calls to the hotline are swiftly investigated. 

On Site Identification

As part of the Compliance Program, MDG has incorporated an identification system for all workers on MDG prevailing wage project sites.  Within the first day of work on site, all personnel must obtain an MDG project identification card.  This card is to be carried by personnel at all times while on-site.  

DBA Compliance

For prevailing wage jobs, MDG complies with Davis Beacon Act regulations.  MDG has also implemented several controls in order to ensure full compliance such as the identification system, the construction hotline, and more. 

FLSA Compliance

For non-prevailing wage jobs, MDG maintains the standards of the Fair Labor Standards Act or higher when specified by state law.